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What is a Custom Ceremony?

A custom ceremony includes the traditional order of service, but you get to choose what you want for each element.  There are choices for the Welcome, Opening, Readings, Hand/Sand and/or Wine Ceremonies, Vows, Rings, Blessings, + your own ideas. 

What kinds of Ceremonies do you do?

First, I only do secular or Humanistic ceremonies. I do not pray, but I don’t object if a reader wants to offer a prayer or if I’m co-officiating. I also ask that the other officiant uses what is called ‘universal god talk’, which means using language like God, the Lord, Our Father, etc.  Since the goal of a wedding ceremony is to bring people together, this ensures that all feel included.  In most cases, since I have the most experience co-officiating, I write the order of service so both sides are represented equally.  Everyone is Happy!

I have performed virtually every style ceremony you can imagine, from the dog carrying the rings to the bride arriving on horseback.  I also will do nudist ceremonies – dressed!

I specialize in inter-cultural/inter-faith ceremonies and will co-officiate.

Inter-cultural ceremonies are especially fun because we weave the traditions of 2 cultures together, honoring both.

I also will perform same sex (LGBTQ) marriage ceremonies. Marriage equality means to me that any person can marry another within legal guidelines. Please contact me for more information.

Are there Ceremonies you won’t perform?

I refuse:

If there is suspicion of abuse or coercion

Prison weddings

To avoid deportation

To avoid testifying

Do you offer a military discount?

I am happy to offer a 10% discount to active military or disabled vets.

Do you offer counseling?

I am a licensed social worker, in addition to being a licensed and certified Humanistic Minister.

If a problem or concern cannot be addressed during our meetings, I offer pre-marital or inter-faith counseling at $45.00/hr.  I try to keep counseling affordable whether you need one hour or many.

What is the difference between tradition and ritual? Inter-cultural and Inter-faith?

Traditions within a ceremony, such as a unity candle or breaking the glass, have become associated with certain religions, but have no religious significance. Rituals are important religious elements. Using traditions creates warm feelings of recognition among couples and guests, while honoring the culture that helped create the very couple joining their lives and families together.

Inter-cultural represents two people who come from different backgrounds or religion, but are no longer practicing the rituals demanded of each religion. This allows us to use traditions from each culture or faith and allows the couple to celebrate every holiday (or anyone else’s holiday!) within a secular or Humanistic setting.  Inter-faith is when one or both people are practicing their faiths and wish to intertwine them for the ceremony or have two officiants, each one representing their beliefs.  Or, the couple may wish to simply have a secular ceremony, thereby avoiding any faith representation.

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